Sunday, January 2, 2011

Red Carpet at David Tupaz/Joey Galon Fashion Show

 So I was covering a fashion show for work, I realized I had my Canon T2I in my bag, so I figured I might as well work the red carpet as a photographer while I wait for the interviews I'm suppose to do. So here's a few shots I took at the David Tupaz Couture-Joey Galon Atelier Fashion show held at the awesome mansion of Christina's Court/Hard Copy/Montel Williams Show/Judge Judy Producer Lisa Brennan.
Actress Nicole Sienna

The beautiful Nicole Sienna (1/4 Japanese)

Christina Perez of Christina's Court

Bai Ling

The beautiful Bai Ling in a sexy action star pose

Bai Ling showing off her bling

and talent manager Oliver Carnay

Designer Joey Galon

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  1. hey great entry! funny to have stumbled on your blog. the guy in the black suit / grey tie is actually one of my good friends. He is the famous German artist Winston Torr. Seeing that you list ethnicities, he is of Chinese descent, but unclear with the other percentages. You can also find him at or on his facebook page. I would love to see his name displayed on here, so I can send this page to him. He is just a sweetheart! Love, Sara