Tuesday, December 28, 2010

12/26/2010 Raiders vs Colts

Pictures from a disappointing Raiders/Colts Game at the Oakland Coliseum on 12/26/10 Raiders had a chance during to win it, but for some reason, the game plan was all about passing. Jason Campbell does not seem to be as efficient when the games rests on his shoulders. Peyton Manning on the other hand threw 2 interceptions. The Raiders defensive plan was not as great either, as Manning went unsacked. Pressure did force him to throw his two picks. Unfortunately security at the Coliseum decided to be strict for no apparent reason, forcing me and my friend to miss Jacoby Ford's 99 yard kick return. Kansas City's blowout win earlier in the day and the Raiders loss totally eliminated Oakland from playoff contention this year. But it wasn't this game alone, there were at least 3 games that Oakland should have won. The fact that Oakland will have a single digit loss season, and was playing for a playoff spot this late shows great leaps of positive improvement.
I'm willing to ride Campbell next year. Offensive Coordinator Hugh Jackson did a great job calling plays, though he's had a handful of questionable decisions, he helped Darren McFadden break out into a legit MVP candidate, and at least there was some production from the WRs.

Jason Campbell hands off to Darren McFadden

Peyton Manning goes for the long ball, as Michael Huff makes his break

Peyton Manning looking for receivers as Lamar Houston tries to generate pass rush

Rolando McClain covers the middle of the field as Peyton Manning scans downfield

Gary Brackett awaits the snap count

Jason Campbell hands off to Darren McFadden

Jason Campbell looking downfield as Dwight Freeney pursues

Peyton Manning controls the line of scrimmage

Jason Campbell drops back

Peyton Manning throws a deep ball

Campbell gets pass protection as he looks down the field

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