Tuesday, December 28, 2010

12/26/2010 Raiders vs Colts

Pictures from a disappointing Raiders/Colts Game at the Oakland Coliseum on 12/26/10 Raiders had a chance during to win it, but for some reason, the game plan was all about passing. Jason Campbell does not seem to be as efficient when the games rests on his shoulders. Peyton Manning on the other hand threw 2 interceptions. The Raiders defensive plan was not as great either, as Manning went unsacked. Pressure did force him to throw his two picks. Unfortunately security at the Coliseum decided to be strict for no apparent reason, forcing me and my friend to miss Jacoby Ford's 99 yard kick return. Kansas City's blowout win earlier in the day and the Raiders loss totally eliminated Oakland from playoff contention this year. But it wasn't this game alone, there were at least 3 games that Oakland should have won. The fact that Oakland will have a single digit loss season, and was playing for a playoff spot this late shows great leaps of positive improvement.
I'm willing to ride Campbell next year. Offensive Coordinator Hugh Jackson did a great job calling plays, though he's had a handful of questionable decisions, he helped Darren McFadden break out into a legit MVP candidate, and at least there was some production from the WRs.

Jason Campbell hands off to Darren McFadden

Peyton Manning goes for the long ball, as Michael Huff makes his break

Peyton Manning looking for receivers as Lamar Houston tries to generate pass rush

Rolando McClain covers the middle of the field as Peyton Manning scans downfield

Gary Brackett awaits the snap count

Jason Campbell hands off to Darren McFadden

Jason Campbell looking downfield as Dwight Freeney pursues

Peyton Manning controls the line of scrimmage

Jason Campbell drops back

Peyton Manning throws a deep ball

Campbell gets pass protection as he looks down the field

Friday, December 24, 2010

My take on Holidays.

Don't really like em. Actually I kinda hate em. It brings the stupid
out of people. People are running around freaking out last minute
Christmas shopping. People were early black Friday midnight Christmas
shopping. Since I'm here to save the world from Stupidity, I must say
98% of the world is pretty much brain dead.
I'm a little older, lot angrier, a lot broker, and a lot smarter these
days. I didn't buy Jack crap for anyone for Christmas. I give people
random presents every day. I didn't volunteer or donate, I'm
charitable everyday. I didn't become extra nice for the past 10 days
just because it's the holidays. I'm nice to most people on most days.
The moral of the story: I don't need hallmark or capitalism to dictate
how I should act on certain days. I will take advantage of the holiday
pay and time off, but the Christmas spirit is how we should live
everyday. I personally think it's more special if you do or buy
something nice for someone on say April 3rd. It's more genuine.
Christmas, valentines, thanksgiving, even Halloween, it's all fake. It
shows how people are too stupid to be themselves and need the
corporations to dictate their emotions. I think we should all wear
superhero capes everyday. We should be nice to our parents everyday.
We should all help the economy year round by buying random crap for
ourselves and eachother. Christmas only forces you to be fake, I'm
sure not everyone wants to give crap and accept useless junk from
their relatives. This holiday ain't really about buying stuff for
people. I'm not religious, but I think it's really suppose to be about
the birth of Jesus.

So here you go, I give to you all the gift of common sense and the
idea of keeping it real.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Filipino Flash: The Next Brown Hype

Shadowboxing at Fortune Gym
I've been saying it for the past 2 Manny Pacquiao fights...I think it's time to start inching towards Team Donaire. Let's face it, the Pacman has one maybe two more fights after the dismantling of The TIjuana Tornado Antonio Margarito. It looks like he may draw Sugar Shane Mosley in April, and Floyd Mayweather Junior, boxing's biggest chump is leaning towards jail rather than fight the Pound-for-Pound king. So for all we know, Manny is done in April. Who will Filipino fight fans root for? Well, we only have to look down a few steps of the pound-for-pound ladder. Nonito "The Filipino Flash" Donaire, Jr will be the next great brown hype. He's already ranked number five in the world according to Ring Magazine. He has two world titles in two weight classes. He's gunning for a third title in a third class. On December 4th, Wladimir Sidorenko, a former world champion and olympian was the victim of a total beat down at the hands of the Flash. Sidorenko had never been knocked out in his career until he came face to face with Donaire. Donaire downed the Ukranian 3 times in 4 rounds and left him a bloody mess. Keep in mind Donaire was also nursing an injured left hand coming into the In Harm's Way Pay Per View. Despite the injury he was landing the punches. His prize a shot at Ring Magazine's #7 Pound for Pound Fighter-Bantamweight champion Fernando Montiel.

Why the next Brown Hype?

He is a talented fighter, with great footwork speed and movement. Though there's nothing as fast as Manny Pacquiao, there's a reason people call him the Filipino Flash. He does have great speed thanks to great year round conditioning. He has one and done ability. Donaire's record at the end of 2010 is 25-1, he's won 24 straight, and 17 of them by knock out. Included the 2007 upset of the year. Here's the link to refresh...
Darchinyan Knocked the F---Out!
Donaire should have  no trouble zipping up the ladder. At a langky 5-6, and only at 118 for now, he should have no problems moving up weight classes. 

He's very versatile he'll beat you lefty, righty, switch in the middle of the fights, you uses his size to over power opponents.
Too see a total beatdown, here are some highlights of his recent Sidorenko beatdown. I feel bad because of the times I talked to Sidorenko, he seemed like a really nice simple guy. Very nice guy always smiling, showing great sportsmanship. I notice he's always smiling. Well he wasn't smiling after his nose got busted. Here's what that beatdown looked like.
Sidorenko was really in Harm's Way

Robert Garcia has been magic for Donaire. Ever since he came in 3 fights ago, Donaire is becoming a monster. The two have great chemistry together.

He's also marketable. He has very good charisma, at 28 years old, he's reaching his prime. He's had songs written by him by the all-girl sports pop group Slam Girls, and the world's best DJ, fellow Filipino DJ Q-Bert. Filipino Flash is catchy.

The draw backs, aside from knocking out Vic Darchinyan for his first world title, he hasn't really fought any of the big boys. That'll all change. After he destroyed Sidorenko, Donaire gets his crack at Fernando Montiel. In past conversations with Donaire, he is eyeing to climb the pound for pound ladder.

In Harm's Way vs Sidorenko
Let's face it, Pacquiao will get into politics, possibly be a future president someday. We all know what happens when someone becomes president, they start getting hated on, they get corrupted by the system, and all that potentially fun stuff. With Donaire we're getting a kid that loves to fight.

In a hypothetical world, it's not too far fetched that he can rise to the top of the pound for pound rankings by the end of 2011. Manny may retire soon, perhaps after one more fight. Number 2 Floyd Mayweather may be done for if he goes to prison number 3 Mosley is going get whooped by Pacquiao. fourth ranked Juan Manuel Marquez, another Pacquiao suitor, if he gets beaten badly by Pacquiao will fall out of the rankings, and may retire just as many Mexican ex-Pacman foes have done. So depending on the scenarios, we can see The Filipino Flash sprint to the top sooner than we think.