Sunday, February 20, 2011

NBA All Star Weekend 2011 in LaLaLand Party Recap

Since Thursday, all eyes have been on Los Angeles. The world of celebrity and basketball have intersected throughout Hollywood. Of course when these worlds cross, there will be some parties. Unfortunately growing up in the Bay I didn't do any of the All Star activities last time the Warriors hosted an All Star Game. I've had my reasons: #1 Oakland coliseum and Oracle aren't the greatest arenas in the world, #2 the Warriors gave us nothing to be excited about, #3, I don't think I was 21 yet. So I stayed home and watch Vince Carter do his dunking.

Well, now I'm working in the media, and with all these All Star festivities, I had no choice but to go and hang out at the red carpets. And I must say some of it sucked. I think the theory was right, the NBA All Star Game is the Source Awards of Basketball.

Clubs were pretty ghetto, I've heard of multiple fights at random places like Denny's, and chickenhead girls just running around town. When did, basketball become ghetto, with entourages and posses, and all these clubbing things? Man, am I that old now? I don't remember Jordan, Magic, Bird, Run TMC, or the Admiral getting ghetto. Oh well, I guess times have changed, and despite being a Warrior/Laker fan, I have the utmost respect and truly admire guys like Tim Duncan. Sure Duncan is boring, but the man symbolizes basketball.

Well here's how my three days went, and it actually got better each day.

Thursday: Dwayne Wade's Party At Colony
Before I got sidetracked, so I went to three parties the past three days, starting with Dwayne Wade at the Colony. Epic failure, worst red carpet function I have ever attended in my life. No celebrities walked the carpet. I heard a few celebs entered through the back and D-Wade himself didn't show up until after midnight, after the press gave up and either went home or went inside. I did spot 49ers Linebacker Takeo Spikes outside the club. The only notable person to walk down was Kanye West ex girlfriend Amber Rose. The inside of the club was actually nice. But this is a lesson learned, and my instinct affirmed. I told a colleague of mine about this mess, and basically a good rule is: When it comes to press, don't trust promoters. Talk to publicists.

Amber Rose
Wackest Carpet Ever

Friday Matt Barnes Purp & Yellow Party at J Lounge

On Friday night, I didn't have to work, but decided last minute to stop by the Matt Barnes Purp & Yellow party, at the J Lounge. It was better than the night before. I wasn't working, but instead hung out with my buddies from Pacific Rim Video. The Beatfreaks from MTV's America's Best Dance Crew performed. YG who did "Toot It and Boot It" performed. Didn't care, wasn't interested, and I hate that song. My old buddy, Nump Trump walked the carpet, how fitting since his big hit was "Grapes" and Matt Barnes came in around midnight. He walked down the carpet and walked out. Some host, huh. Unfortunately, while every one was Tootin n Bootin, a lot of people missed an awesome rap performance. Roscoe Umali did an impromptu show in the upstairs room. I don't like that song so I didn't care for it. The biggest problem at the J Lounge is, half the club is outdoors, and it was raining, so the whole place was tented up. It was OK, red carpet was laxed considering I kind of just hung out there most of the night, when I wasn't working as media. I actually find it ironic how Barnes (former Warrior) doesn't play much. I guess Party Planning Committee chair is his contribution to the team. Too bad he's injured, he was actually a good Warrior. 
Beat Freaks

Roscoe Umali
Saturday: Ron Artest benefit at 1616
The Ron Artest and Jessica Hall party benefitting his XCEL Univesity on Saturday at 1616 proved to be the best one for me despite the rain. Media got to hang out inside before the carpet started, so we got to watch the Slam Dunk contest on what seemed to be an HD projector. The carpet, though crammed under a small tent was organized. Celebrities came which included Crystal Hoang from Social Network, some of the And 1 Street Team Ballers, Mann who has a song with 50 Cent, whiz kid entrepenuer/philanthrophist Farrah Gray, Far East Movement, and other celebrities came through (shows how out of touch I am with my entertainment) But it was actually a good event, especially when you think of Ron Artest, you expect something crazy. RonRon actually came before midnight, and was quite a delight to talk to. He accomodated all the media, despite being whisked inside. He got to chat about his whacky Filipino adventures. But there was a good flow and variety of celebrities. The carpet was very organized. The club was nice and it was a classy event for a cause. Too bad I didn't stay after, because they actually let media come in and hang out after, as I was trying to rush to Hollywood to help out some friends and their coverage. I guess it was a reward for braving the cold and rain. This was the best event of the weekend for me. 

Street Baller
The Professor from And1 Street
DJ Cassette
Farrah Gray
Maggie B
The Star of the night Ron Artest

Well it's Sunday, and I'm watching the game right now. I have a rare two days off. I started the morning off with my weekly basketball, and I was actually doing good. I think some of RonRon's greatness rubbed off onto me. A buddy and I are thinking of a night out tonight. And honestly after all these parties, and red carpets, and celebrity hoopla, I can use a normal night out with the boys. I think the mayhem will continue next week in Los Angeles with Oscars night. Hopefully it won't be as ghetto as this week.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Manny Pacquiao Might Have Bieber Fever

Boxing and Philippine Icon Manny Pacquiao is back in the U.S. to promote his upcoming Sugar Shane Mosley fight on May 7th. At the Top Rank Press Conference, Manny unveiled his new doo...similar to Justin Bieber. The Pacman is considering playing in the NBA Celebrity All Star Game in Los Angeles. Justin Bieber is also said to be playing. Asian Clark Kent could not help but wonder if the possibility of the two stars playing hoops together has given the Pacman a case of Bieber Fever.

Afterall, Bieber and the Pacman have shared the same opening act. Alleged Bieber Ex Girlfriend Jasmine V, is Pacquiao's favorite National Anthem singer. She's done at least 3 American anthems for Pacquiao fights and is good friends with Team Pacquiao.