Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blogger via phone test; The Warrior's Way sneak peak!

Testing out my iPhone blogger. Went to The Warriors Way screening last night. I had the chance to interview the cast Jang Dong Gun, Kate Bosworth, and Danny Huston at the press junkette the other day. I'll put it up as soon as I figure out where I can transfer a digibeta to a mini DV or even better if I can put it straight to final cut. All I have to say is this movie was pretty good. It was ninjas vs cowboys vs carnies with 300 like effects and some deep emotional stuff that I totally relate to.   

I Also Double Up as Pinoy Tony Stark

Many Manny Observations

Manny Training at Wild Card Gym Nov 5
Manny Pacquiao is back in the Philippines after a hard earned victory over Antonio Margarito. I spent a good chunk of my past 3 weeks or so covering Pacquiao, or Pacman related things. I went to the Wild Card a few times while he was training, as well as several events he attended, including a taping of Jimmy Kimmel live. It's amazing to watch him do his thing. It's also amazing to see the hundreds that follow him any and everywhere. It's almost like he has become the symbol of hope for these people. Let's face it, before Manny Pacquiao became the world's best fighter, Filipinos didn't have much going for them on the mainstream stage. We had Apl de Ap of the Black Eyed Peas, but he's only 1/4 of a pop group. We had Cheryl Burke, the 2 Time Dancing with the Stars Champion, but it's only a select crowd. We didn't have much. You ask a Hollywood celebrity to name a Filipino, the best they probably would've done pre-2006, would be to name a Basco brother. In my mind, Pacman put Filipinos on the map this century.
Pacman fan Jeremy Piven of Entourage watches Manny's Media Day 10/27/10

When I see Manny, I see a guy who always smiles. He is a people pleaser, and also a very happy go lucky religious man with a kind heart. Despite the punishment he delivers in the ring he is a gentle soul. He showed compassion during his fight against Antonio Margarito when he told the referee to stop. His biggest accomplishment for me in 2010, was when he taught us to love our enemies, by sparing Margarito's life. It's so easy to want to see a total knock down. I admit I was a bad sport when I played high school football. Even if we were winning, I'd still get cheap shots in. My goal was to send people to the hospital, but no not Manny. The Pacman, wanted to give Margarito his pride. Manny let him finish the fight. He spared him from becoming a Ricky Hatton.

In the ring, he's all business but having fun. I've seen it on some of his real workouts, smiling talking, but still keeping the intensity while getting his business done. The media workouts tend to be lighter than the actual intense days. 

The Pacman is very routine based; run in the morning, gym at night, dinner at the Thai restaurant after. Though he's got his routine down, he still adds some sporadic events. He'll stop for fans at times. He also squeezes in some events like the Nike appearance and Jimmy Kimmel live. He also keeps to his roots. One day I was hanging out at Hair People. The lady there Julie has been one of Manny's first American friends since he started. She also cuts my hair as well. One day I'm hanging out on the couch, next thing I know, he's there signing autographs for people that leave gloves and posters with Julie. He was there just talking to her, as a normal person and friend. Bobby has also hung out there at the salon randomly. They stick to their roots.

As a congressman, he'll be a successful leader, despite the lack of education, and experience, he will be effective, because he provides a rallying point for people. No one dislikes him. Not even his opponents. The only person who seems to dislike him is Floyd Mayweather Jr, but that seems to be more out of fear. My fear is, with all this people around Manny, especially politicians, how many have bad intentions, or how many will try to use him for evil? Not sure how he'll cut it when he gets to the presidency.  Bob Arum and Freddie Roach are both resided to the fact that he will eventually become President of the Philippines. By then, hopefully he would have had enough experience to run the country.

But the question is; Is there enough Manny to go around? I actually feel bad for him. It seems like a lot of people try to use him for their own gain. People are coming up with lawsuits left and right. RBM Global International, an unknown record label is know the most known possibly non-existant record label on the planet. They are now known as the record label that's trying to sue the champion for $10 Million. A promoter in Texas might try to sue him for an event cancellation Who knows how real, or well thought out, or extortion like these suits are. Thats for the courts to decide.

Congressman Pacquiao at a Basketball Event in Mira Mesa, CA October24,2010

After the dismantling of Margarito, it's clear that the Pacman is still at the top of his game. He's still the same humble religious man. He continues to fight with class, he had the permission and opportunity to knock out and embarrass the Tijuana Tornado after how he mocked Coach Freddie Roach's Parkinson's, but he didn't. Team Pacquiao showed he can be a bigger man, and a gracious winner. He should get a Nobel Peace Prize for that, while Margarito gets a Darwin Award for his stupidity. Manny has proven on this flight that he is the Worlds best Pound-for-Pound Boxer. He proved he may even be the greatest boxer of All time. Muhammad Ali didn't have band rehearsal, never ran a country, or so many stop overs. Though Ali was a great activist, he never dealt with the fiascos, the lawsuits, the entourage, the users and abusers. The fact that the PacmanYoutube,and scandals are lurking in every corner, truly makes Manny "The Pacman" Pacquiao the greatest boxer of all time, and perhaps the most celebrated athlete of this generation.

Friday, November 19, 2010


This is my introduction. I go by Asian Clark Kent. Born in the Philippines, grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, living it up in Los Angeles. By day, I am a journalist for an ethnic media company. (Well in the country of origin, it is the main stream.) I choose not to reveal my identity because, I am a high profile personality and need to protect my image as well as the company's image. Yes I've been reprimanded in the past for my random idiotic trash talk, YouTube videos, etc. So to play it safe, I'm keeping my identity a secret shhhh.

I'm here to share my ramblings, tips, insights, and share some of the Asian community to the world. I won't talk all about Asian things, but a lot of my blogs to be will be Asian-centric, especially dealing with the Filipino community, whom I've worked with for a large chunk of my life, and where I spend most of my days covering.

I did not choose the name Asian Clark Kent. It chose me. I was interviewing people at a mall one day and some girls tweeted that I looked like an Asian Clark Kent. I guess anyone that wears glasses with a suit with a fairly bulky build, can pass for Clark Kent. The name is fitting because I've always loved Superman since I was a kid.