Friday, January 21, 2011

OKCupid : UR Stupid

So on a friend's recommendation I joined It's a free site. And whoa I must say, it's a parade of Satan's rejects! I have found way cuter girls on Yelp. There's a feature called Quiver which gives you three random matches, no thank you I quiver when I press that button. Quick match will give you one random person that supposedly matches you. I just want to dip my foot and gasoline and light a quick match and burn myself. As I browse through my potential matches, I realize that #1 I don't get along with too many Asian girls. Kinda good for me, it would be weird if a viewer found me. I guess that means my values and way of thinking are too Americanized. #2 I answered the survey questions honestly. I was being me...for reals. Apparently I have the personality of overweight people. I guess that just means they're beautiful inside. Oh well, it's been a week, the two cute ones I've tried to message haven't replied, but I like to take chances, and I'm always up for adventure so I will ride this a little bit longer. It gives me good comedy material, with a sense of hopeless romanticism that maybe I'll find the one that will eventually complete me. If this fails, I'm gonna look on Yelp.

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